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The Global Top 10 Cloud Computing Datacenter Parks: Do You Know?
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Nowadays, the globally well-known operators and network giants in data center have built various cloud computing data centers around the world. Then in this article, there will be a brief introduction to the global top 10 cloud computing datacenter parks. Cloud computing parks are the places where technology giants integrate a lot of computing power in multiple facilities of data centers. The huge parks are the places for operation of cloud computing and also the physical embodiment of the Internet. These parks are usually located in rural areas where the low-cost land and electricity are available. The location of data center hub allows enterprises to rapidly increase the server capacity and power and to create the scale economy, on account that more workloads are migrated to these huge server farms.

Driven by social networks, big data and Internet of things, the cloud computing is growing strongly. Correspondingly, the scale of these cloud computing facilities is larger. For example, some big companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, etc, usually invest more than $1 billion to build a cloud computing park in some suitable location. Then in the next content, there will be an overview of the top ten cloud computing datacenter parks ahead in scale and technology around the world:

No.10: the Amazon Cloud Computing Park (Virginia Ashburn)

The Inside of Amazon Data Center

As the largest manufacturer of public cloud computing, Amazon will definitely be expected to be on this list. In fact, Amazon has a huge fleet of cloud servers distributed in clusters of data center. These clusters are distributed in many small-scale data centers, rather than in a huge datacenter park. Therefore, the ranking of Amazon cloud computing parks is not high; otherwise, they should rank first. This approach is to allow customers to run instances in multiple locations to avoid single point failure through many Amazon availability zones. The available areas must be isolated from each other, but close enough to the data center with low-latency network connections. These largest clusters with more than 20 data centers are located in the Eastern America, and are distributed in Stryn, Manassas, Chantilly and Ashburn of Northern Virginia, where there are a few parks with multiple buildings.

No.9: Apple Inc(North Carolina Maiden )

Apple Corp's iCloud cloud computing base: Apple Corp's data center park in North Carolina has a building covering half one million square feet(right), and a relatively small data center using modular data center technology (left).

Apple Inc is the rising star in the construction of cloud computing park and runs a relatively small data center. Till 2009, Apple announced the plan to invest 1 billion dollars to establish the data center in North Carolina Maiden, and simultaneously build data centers in the everywhere of world. Currently, it establishes datacenters in Oregon, Nevada; it also builds global power supply infrastructures of iTunes and iCloud services. The iDataCenter initially built in Maiden covers half one million square feet. After that, another relatively small "strategic datacenter" adopting modular infrastructure is built. The operation of cloud computing park in North Carolina is with characteristics, in which the on-site energy infrastructures include two photovoltaic solar arrays, and the fuel cells of BloomEnergy are deployed.

No.8: Equinix Inc(Ashburn, Virginia)

The DC11 Data Center of Equinix Inc in Ashburn, Virginia


There are over 60 data centers in Ashburn, Virginia. Currently, there is a data center covering 6 million square feet and a datacenter corridor covering 3 million square feet in the course of formulation. Many data centers are expected to get close to Ashburn cloud computing parks ran by Equinix to provide interconnecting service for network companies. In 1998, Equinix built the first data center in Ashburn, and provided the services that operators neutrally get access to the Internet backbone. The Equinix parks became the busiest conference place, where there are 10 buildings and the hosting space covering nearly half one million square meters and over 200 network access points. With the continuous expansion in the businesses of Equinix, the buildings surrounding around the Ashburn parks have been the most strategic one of datacenter estates. Equinix has expanded another 40 acres of land based on the original parks, and has started the construction, there being 5 new data centers to be built. It was predicted that Equinix would invest at least 1 billion dollars in the Ashburn parks in the next 10 years.


No.7: National Security Agency(Utah)

The Datacenter of National Security Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah(this agency invests 1 billion dollars to construct the park covering 1 million square feet)

The National Security Agency invests 1.5 billion dollars to build a huge datacenter park in Bluff Dale, Salt Lake City, Utah. The park's power capacity is 65MWs; the area is 1 million square feet; it is deployed with advanced computing infrastructures with high performance and adopts advanced datacenter techs. The water consumption used to cool the data center reaches 17 thousand gallons in the data center. The current water consumption has been much lower than that of initial stage of operation. It is reported by Utah media that although the computing facilities of National Security Agency in Utah do not host any public cloud services (because of security factor), and it ranks first in the abilities of information and network security. Therefore, it can be listed in the top-level computing parks.

No.6: Digital Realty (Ashburn, Virginia)

 One of 8 Finished Datacenters of Digital Realty


Digital Realty is a giant of data center. It is the largest manufacturer in the global hosting multitenant markets. It has 30 markets in the world, and is with more than 24 million square feet of data center space. It builds major cloud computing parks in its worldwide markets, including Dallas, Santa Clara and Chicago. The largest cloud computing park is located in "the Lane of Data Center" in Loudon County; it is with 8 buildings and with 1.5 million square feet of data center space; its main tenants are these suppliers such as Amazon Web Services, LinkedIn, etc. Digital Realty invests $950 millions to build its ninth data center, and also invests $0.3 billion to complete the construction of the last 2 buildings. Digital Realty has recently announced the plan to additionally build a data center with 2 million square feet in the land adjacent to Ashburn cloud computing park.


No.5: Dupont Fabros(Ashburn, Virginia)

The Water Chiller of acc7 data center of DuPont Fabros in Ashburn, Virginia

The developer of data center, DuPont Fabros technology company, would like to build the huge data center, while this strategy has been implemented in Ashburn, Virginia. The data center area of Fabros in the Ashburn Company Center (ACC) cloud computing park is over 16 thousand square feet. The length of six huge buildings is over 1100 feet. ACC cloud computing park has started to provide large-scale "wholesale" data center space from 2017, and has adopted the Equinix interconnection device adjacent to it. Some biggest Internet companies in the world entered into the data centers of DuPont Fabros, including Microsoft, Rackspace and Facebook, etc, leasing more than 40 megawatts of electricity capacity. Due to the economic impact in enterprises buying and the construction of data centers, these companies can build their own data centers, but to choose the rental server space.


No.4: Facebook(Prineville, Oregon)

The Data Center of Facebook in Prineville, Oregon

In the Great Plains of central Oregon, a revolution in open source hardware has begun. The datacenter park of Facebook in Prineville is the origin of the open computing project; thereinto, Facebook provides the designs of custom server, storage and data center, which can be freely shared. Opening the computing movement has been a revolutionary event in the server world, where the designs of cloud computing seize the market share and the share is continuously growing. While the data center in Prineville is also the foundation of global Internet infrastructures of Facebook; it serves over 1.5 billions of users. In the Prineville park, there are two huge datacenter parks, the area of each park exceeding over 300 thousands square feet. Companies can have easy access to "long-term backup pics" via these two infrastructures. Facebook has recently announced the plan that the third huge data center will be built in Prineville. It will be the largest data center, and its area will be 487 thousand square feet. The cloud computing park of Facebook is beneficial to the development of local economy on account that it has invested over 0.78 billions dollars and has attracted other high tech companies to construct data centers in this area, including Apple Inc.

No.3: Microsoft Corporation(Boydton, Virginia)

The colorful hot channel in Microsoft data center. The high-density data center in Boydton, Virginia, has become the development focus of Microsoft cloud computing


Most of major cloud computing parks gather in the cluster of data centers in Ashbourne county. Microsoft also deploys a large number of servers in Ashburn, but builds a super large scale cloud computing park in Boydton which is with about 400 residents and located in the border of North Carolina. Microsoft has always expanded its cloud computing ability. It has a demonstration for the phasedly-expanded parks in Virginia. The facility function of cloud computing park in Boydton adopts IT-PAC based on the design of container and component modularization, which can effectively reduce the cost of data centers in all aspects. In the design, module is operated in the all kinds of conditions, cooled by the cool and fresh air coming in via the shutters of the container's functional side. In 2011, the Microsoft Corp has began the construction in the southern Virginia Park and announced to invest $1.7 billion on the four expansion plans of data center.


No.2: Google Corporation(Council Bluffs, Iowa)

Planform about the Interior of Data Center of Google in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Google Corporation has always been a pioneer and a leading innovator in the construction of large scale data center. It establishes a series of data center parks in the everywhere of the world, to support its huge Internet business. Now its main businesses cover search, advertising, cloud computing, and emerging technology, etc. Google is currently investing more than 2 billion dollars in a farm of Iowa to build its data center infrastructure, which is being built as one of the largest cloud computing parks in the world. Google plans to spend $1.5 billion on the Council Bluffs of Missouri River to construct the Internet infrastructure, across the river from Omaha of Nebraska. The choice that Google builds data centers in Council Bluffs has brought about the upsurge that Facebook and Microsoft build data center of huge cloud computing park in Iowa. It is estimated by Greenpeace that Google has deployed 105 megawatts of power capacity in Council Bluffs.

No.1: Switch Corp's SuperNAP Park(Las Vegas)

The SuperNA7 Data Center of Switch Corp in Las Vegas


Currently, there is no any other company surpassing Switch Corp in the scale of datacenter park. Switch Corp is the creator of large scale SuperNAP park in Las Vagas. SuperNAP is the pioneer of super large scale computing filed. Its scale exceeds 400 thousands square feet, and is formulated and designed by the creator of Switch Corp, Rob Roy. Its airflow containment and multi mode cooling innovation help SuperNAP to achieve the main target of high density calculation, supporting the workload up to 1500 watts per square feet. Switch has added two huge SuperNAP buildings, and additionally added the scale of 1.4 million square feet, which further expands the capacity of cloud computing. Switch spares no pains to build IT capability to support 280 megawatts in Las Vegas park. Although Switch's main business is data center hosting, and it has become an increasingly important role in cloud computing. There have been over 120 companies entering into the park, who mainly specialize in cloud computing and hosting service. Even if such a large-scale datacenter park has been built, Switch also announces the plan to build a datacenter park with the space of 2 million square feet in the GrandRapids near the park. In addition, a datacenter park with 6.4 millions square feet will be invested for establishment in Reno, Michigan. Once it is finished, it will be the largest datacenter park in the world.




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