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Fiber Media Converter
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10/100Mbps  Single Mode  Single  Fiber  Media  Converter     (1RJ45,SM, SX,WDM)

Brief Description

Single fiber converter of 100Mbps,10M/100M adopt the optical multiplex technology to complete the optical transmission and reception through one fiber ,saving the fiber spending.It is used in the following cases:lacking in fiber resource,hire others fiber or with one failure in function of the bi-cores fiber,and the perfect equipment for removed transmission of bandwidth network..


Product characteristics  

1,  Have 1 Ethernet Port;

2,Adapt wave division multiplex technology and realize the two way transmission on one fiber;

3,Reception with dual wavelength ,and it must be used in pairs in order to improve the system stability.

4,Optional modes of network management and non-network management and non-network management mode;

5,Optional power supply is 5V,1A ; 220V AC/ - 48V DC;

6,Optional (External )outlay power supply  and build-in(Inner) power supply;

7,With the function of automatic recovery to prevent system halt;

8,100M,10/100M rates of single fiber receivers avaiable;

9,Transmission  distance is 20KM, 40KM, 60KM, 80KM,100KM..





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