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Epon And Gpon Ftth Future Who Will be Number One?
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With Optical fiber Access market becomes hot to passive optical industry recognized Network Technology represented a new generation of PON fiber access technology will usher in a period of rapid development. Recent domestic developments of the future will EPON or GPON FTTH-led debate also gradually increasing. Some experts have recently pointed out, FTTH development should avoid the controversy over the specific implementation technology, focusing on the application of the promotion is the current hot issues need to be resolved.

     With the sustained and rapid development of Internet, online new business after another, especially in recent years, popular online games began, the meeting TV , Video on demand and other services, making it the network access bandwidth demand continues to increase. According to data analysis, the next three years, the average user bandwidth demand of more than 10M, the traditional access methods will not meet the bandwidth needs.

    With other wired and wireless access technology than the bandwidth capacity of fiber access and coverage from the side Mask Have unique advantages. With the emergence of low-cost PON technology and rapid maturity, combined with optical fiber Cable Rapid decline in the cost of making a number of fiber-based access network operators the ideal can be realized. The one hand, emerging new business on the huge potential demand for bandwidth, on the other hand is expected to ensure that the user is technically acceptable price to achieve optical access. In the "market demand" and "technological progress" the joint effect of the two carriages, many experts predict that large-scale commercial FTTH is about to enter a new era.

     However, as broadband PON passive optical network technology development and the rapid evolution in recent years, there were two international major PON technologies. One is the EPON, the other is GPON. Both techniques have a number of international supporters. From the market situation, EPON in Asia-Pacific region, particularly Japan, South Korea occupies a dominant position; and GPON applications in North America is more than. GPON or EPON for China by building fiber-optic access network, also had a different view. In this regard, war Communicate Gao Peng, director of the domestic market based technology from the technology, market, cost and other technical point of view of two PON made a comprehensive comparative analysis. He believes that advanced from a technical perspective alone, GPON is undoubtedly the most promising technology, but on the current view, from the Chip Maturity, the realization of optical components vendor support costs, and point of view, EPON is more practical. GPON weakness, mainly in the industrial chain are not mature, the corresponding chip manufacturers and optical module vendors few, can provide mature and few manufacturers GPON products, which will directly affect the GPON products for some time in the future market performance. Ethernet products and devices mature market technology training for the E-PON market, compared to, GPON technology to achieve high complexity, high technology threshold, limiting the speed of the market mature.

     Gao Peng further pointed out that the FT-TH for the development of the domestic market, the current hot issue is not the most important technology, but how to accelerate the promotion of practical application, to speed up the cultivation of the market. From the comprehensive costs, the present, both EPON or GPON, the cost is significantly higher than ADSL Equipment costs. To accelerate FTTH in China must be government support, the content providers, operators and equipment providers to work together in many areas, the FT-TH can promote the size of the deployment. From the operator perspective, the current expectations of its FTTH mainly in two ways. The first is the expansion of business types. Broadband access is not the ultimate goal, the final Service Content is the users can really appreciate, and are the users really feel the value. So they want to further expand the types of businesses, services can be further enriched. The second is the construction cost, hoping to further reduce such a low construction cost, in turn would promote the development of the market, so that the number of users increases, users will in turn promote the increase in construction costs. This will create a virtuous Cycle Industrial chain. Therefore, FTTH application prospect is quite broad.